Muslim Networks from Hajj to Hip Hop

Islamic Civilization and Musli
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This volume selects major moments and key players from the seventh century to the twenty-first that have defined Muslim networks as the building blocks for Islamic identity and social cohesion. The contributors invoke the past not only to understand the present but also to reimagine the future through the prism of Muslim networks, at once the shadow and the lifeline for the global Muslim community.
Editiert von: Miriam Cooke, Bruce B. Lawrence
Miriam Cooke, professor of Arabic literature at Duke University, is author of Women Claim Islam: Creating Islamic Feminism through Literature and the novel Hayati, My Life. Bruce B. Lawrence is Nancy and Jeffrey Marcus Humanities Professor and professor of Islamic studies at Duke University. He is author of New Faiths, Old Fears: Muslims and Other Asian Immigrants in American Religious Life.

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Autor: Miriam Cooke
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