Just Being Difficult?: Academic Writing in the Public Arena

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Jonathan Culler
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Cultural Memory in the Present

Difficult style and "Illustrious" vernaculars, Margaret Ferguson; Hume's learned and conversible worlds, Robin Valenza and John Bender; Bad writing and good philosophy, Jonathan Culler; The metaphysics of clarity and the freedom of meaning, John McCumber; Feminism's broken English, Robyn Wiegman; The resistance of theory, or, The worth of agony, Rey Chow; Styles of intellectual publics, Michael Warner; On difficulty, the avant-garde, and critical moribundity, Peter Brooks; Difficulty in modern poetry and aesthetics, Robert Kaufman; Bad writing, Barbara Johnson; The morality of form, or, What's "bad" about "bad writing"?; David Palumbo-Liu; The politics of the production of knowledge, Gayatri Spivak; Values of difficulty, Judith Butler.
Is academic writing, particularly in the disciplines of literary theory and cultural studies, needlessly obscure? The claim has been widely circulated in the media and subject to passionate debate, but it has not been the subject of serious discussion. "Just Being Difficult?" provides learned and thoughtful analyses of the claim, of those it targets, and of the entire question of how critical writing relates to its intended publics and to audiences beyond them.
In this book, a range of distinguished scholars, including some who have been charged with willful obscurity, argue for the interest and importance of some of the procedures that critics have preferred to charge with obscurity rather than confront in another way. The debate on difficult writing hovers on the edges of all academic writing that seeks to play a role in the public arena. This collection is a much-needed contribution to the discussion.

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