Disaster in Dearborn: The Story of the Edsel

Automotive History and Persona
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Few cars in history have grabbed the public's fancy as much as the ill-fated Edsel, the Titanic of automobiles. The magnitude of the marketing disaster has made Edsel a household word. Remarkably, there has never before been a book that tells the whole story--how the Edsel was planned, created, produced, and marketed.
Autor: Thomas E. Bonsall
Thomas E. Bonsall is the author of "More Than They Promised: The Studebaker Story" (Stanford, 2000, and "The Lincoln Motorcar" (1981, 1993), winner of both national awards for automotive history writing, the Cugnot Award of the Society of Automotive Historians and the McKean Cup of the Antique Automobile Club of America. His "Avanti!" (1978, 1994) is the only comprehensive history of the Avanti and Avanti II.

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Autor: Thomas E. Bonsall
ISBN-13 :: 9780804746540
ISBN: 0804746540
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.08.2002
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