James Madison: The Theory and Practice of Republican Government

Social Science History
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In recent years, the study of James Madison and his contributions to early American politics has enjoyed a growing audience among scholars and students of modern American politics. Not only did Madison establish the fundamental American concept of pluralism, his appreciation of the logic of institutional design as a key to successful democratic reform still influences modern theory and research.
This book evaluates the legacy of James Madison as the product of a scholarly politician--a politician who thought carefully about institutions in the context of action. It brings together thoughtful responses to Madison and his theory from a broad cross-section of modern political science, and views Madison not as an icon or mouthpiece of an era, but as a "modern" political scientist who was able to implement many of his theoretical ideas in a practical forum.
Editiert von: Samuel Kernell
Samuel Kernell is Professor of Political Science at the University of California, San Diego.

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