Mapping Benjamin: The Work of Art in the Digital Age

Writing Science (Paperback)
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"Mapping Benjamin not only distinguishes itself in format, scope, and tone from the mass of Benjamin books published each year, it provides an up-to-date snapshot of the humanities. This lucidly written book uses Benjamin to chart the parameters of a force field of contemporary intellectual efforts, across disciplines and other divides." --Eva Geulen, New York University
Editiert von: Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Michael J. Marrinan
Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht is Albert Guerard Professor of Literature and Professor in the Departments of French and Italian, Comparative Literature, Modern Thought and Literature, and Spanish and Portuguese at Stanford University. Michael Marrinan is Associate Professor of Art History at Stanford University.

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Autor: Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht
ISBN-13 :: 9780804744362
ISBN: 080474436X
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