The Silicon Valley Edge

A Habitat for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
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Introduction; 1. The Silicon Valley habitat Chong-Moon Lee, William F. Miller, Marguerite Gong Hancock and Henry S. Rowen; 2. Mysteries of the region: knowledge dynamics in Silicon Valley John Seely Brown and Paul Duguid; Part I. Silicon Valley Today: 3. A profile of the Valley's evolving structure Doug Henton; 4. Life in Silicon Valley: a first-hand view of the region's growth E. Floyd Kvamme; 5. Innovation in business models T. Michael Nevens; 6. Four styles of Valley entrepreneurship Chong-Moon Lee; 7. Changing everything: the Internet revolution and Silicon valley Steve Jurvetson; Part II. The Evolution of Silicon Valley: 8. Fairchild semiconductor and its influence Christopher Lecuyer; 9. Serendipity or strategy: how technology and markets came to favor Silicon Valley Henry S. Rowen; 10. The role of Stanford University: a Dean's reflections James Gibbons; 11. Social networks in Silicon Valley' Emilio J. Castilla, Hokyu Hwang, Ellen Granovetter and Mark Granovetter; 12. Networks of immigrant entrepreneurs Annalee Saxeninan; Part III. A Clustered Community: 13. Venture capitalists: the coaches of Silicon Valley Thomas F. Hellmann; 14. The valley of deals: how venture capital helped shape the region P. Banatao and Kevin A. Fong; 15. Fueling the revolution: commercial bank financing John C. Dean; 16. Advising the new economy: the role of lawyers Craig W. Johnson; 17. Shepherding the faithful: the influence of executive search firms Thomas J. Friel; 18. Guiding the innovators: why accountants are valued James D. Atwell; 19. Free advice: consulting the Silicon Valley way Regis McKenna; Afterword: sustaining the edge Chong-Moon Lee, William F. Miller, Marguerite Gong Hancock and Henry S. Rowen; Notes; References; Index.
What accounts for Silicon Valley's leading edge in innovation and entrepreneurship? This book gives an answer by insiders, by prominent business leaders, and academics from the heart of the valley.

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