Johnson, A: The Evolution of Human Societies

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1. Introdution; Part I. The Family-Level Group: 2. The family level; 3. Family-level foragers; 4. Families with domestication; Part II. The Local Group: 5. The local group; 6. The family and the village; 7. The village and the clan; 8. The corporate group and the big man collectivity; Part III. The Regional Polity: 9. The regional polity; 10. The simple chiefdom; 11. The complex chiefdom; 12. The archaic state; 13. The peasant economy; 14. The evolution of global society.
For this new edition, the authors have thoroughly rewritten the theoretical argument for greater clarity, updated the case studies to incorporate new research, and added a new chapter that extends their perspective to the problem of industrialization and globalization.

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