Rasch, W: Niklas Luhmann's Modernity

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A note on translations; Introduction: paradise lost, modernity regined; 1. Theories of complexity, complexities of theory; 2. Injecting noise into the system; 3. Constructivism as a two-front war; 4. In search of the Lyotard Archipelago; 5. The limit of modernity and the logic of exclusion; 6. Immanent systems, transcendental temptations, and the limits of ethics; 7. Locating the political; Appendix; Notes; Index.
This book is an introduction to the nature of modernity as envisioned by Germany's leading social theorist of the late 20th century, Niklas Luhmann. For Luhmann, modernity is neither an Enlightenment project nor a ludic rejection of that project, but rather the precondition of all our deliberations, the structure within which our semantics makes sense.

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