European Feminisms, 1700-1950

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Preface; Chronology: a framework for the study of European feminisms; Prologue: history, memory, and empowerment; 1. Thinking about feminism in European history; Part I. The Eighteenth Century: 2. Reclaiming the enlightenment for feminism; 3. Challenging masculine aristocracy: feminism and the French Revolution; Part II. The Nineteenth Century: 4. Rearticulating feminist claims, 1820-1848; 5. Birthing the 'Women question', 1848-1870; 6. Internationalizing feminism, 1870-1890; 7. Feminist challenges and antifeminist responses, 1890-1914; 8. Nationalizing feminisms and feminizing nationalisms, 1890-1914; Part III. The Twentieth Century: 9. Feminism under fire: World War I, the Russian Revolution, and the Great Backlash, 1914-1930s; 10. Feminist dilemmas in postwar national political cultures: England, Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Germany; 11. More feminisms in national settings: Portugal, Ireland, Spain, and Sweden; 12. Globalizing and politicizing European feminist international activity, 1919-1945; Epilogue: Reinventing the wheel?; Notes; Bibliography; Index.
"This is an important work both for its recovery of little-studied aspects of European feminisms and for the reinterpretation of their main strands. The author's ability to situate feminisms squarely in the political and intellectual history of Europe, as well as in various chronological, geographical, and ideological contexts, is particularly impressive."--Mary Lynn Stewart, Simon Fraser University"(European Feminisms) is clear, sensible, and forceful, and it never lapses into jargon or anachronism. It offers a rich account of the aspirations, illusions, disillusions, flounderings, achievements, and advances of a compelling cause." --Phi Beta Kappa Key Reporter

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