Asian Security Practice: Material and Ideational Influences

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Muthiah Alagappa
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Preface; Contributors; Introduction; Part I. Conceptual and Historical Perspectives: 1. Rethinking security: a critical review and appraisal of the debate Muthiah Alagappa; 2. International politics in Asia: the historical context Muthiah Alagappa; Part II. Security Practice: Country Studies: 3. China: security practice of a modernizing and ascending power Wu Xinbo; 4. India: modified structuralism Kanti Bajpai; 5. Japan: normative constraints versus structural imperatives Yoshihide Soeya; 6. North Korea: deterrence through danger David Kang; 7. South Korea: recasting security paradigms Chung-in Moon; 8. Taiwan: in the dragon's shadow Roger Cliff; 9. Bangladesh: a weak state and power Iftekharuzzaman; 10. Pakistan: the crisis within Samina Ahmed; 11. Sri Lanka: the many faces of security Nira Wickramasinghe; 12. Myanmar: preoccupation with regime survival, national security Panitan Wattanayagorn; 14. Vietnam: struggle and cooperation Kim Ninh; 15. Indonesea: domestic priorities define national security Dewi Fortuna Anwar; 16. Malaysia: reinventing the nation K. S. Nathan; 17. The Philippines: state versus society? Noel M. Morada and Christopher Collier; 18. Singapore: realist cum trading state Narayanan Ganesan; Part III. Conclusion: 19. Asian practice of security: key features and explanations Muthiah Alagappa; 20. Conceptualizing security: hierarchy and conceptual travelling Muthiah Alagappa; Notes; Bibliography; Index.
This study of how 16 Asian states conceive of their security identifies and explains the security concerns and behavior of central decision makers, asking who or what is to be protected, against what potential threats, and how security policies have changed over time.

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