Grading Teachers, Grading Schools

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Jason Millman
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PART ONE: ORIGINS AND UNDERPINNINGSBeginnings and Introduction - Jason Millman and H Del SchalockPART TWO: THE OREGON WORK SAMPLE METHODOLOGYOregon's Teacher Effectiveness Work Sample Methodology - Bill Cowart and David Myton Rationale and BackgroundOregon's Teacher Effectiveness Work Sample as Used at Western Oregon State College - H Del Schalock, Mark Schalock and Gerald GirodOregon's Teacher Effectiveness Work Sample Methodology - Peter W Airasian Potential and ProblemsOregon's Teacher Effectiveness Work Sample Methodology - Daniel L Stufflebeam Educational Policy ReviewReflections on Comments by Professors Airasian and Stufflebeam - H Del Schalock, Mark Schalock and Gerald GirodPART THREE: THE DALLAS VALUE-ADDED ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEMIn the Beginning - Luvern L CunninghamThe Dallas Value-Added Accountability System - William J Webster and Robert L MendroValue-Added Productivity Indicators - Yeow Meng Thum and Anthony S Bryk The Dallas SystemOn Trial - Gary Sykes The Dallas Value Added Accountability SystemLittle Practical Difference and Pie in the Sky - William J Webster et al A Response to Thum and Bryk and a Rejoinder to SykesPART FOUR: THE TENNESSEE VALUE-ADDED ASSESSMENT SYSTEMThe Impetus for Tennessee's Value-Added Assessment System - Patricia E Ceperley and Kip ReelThe Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System - William L Sanders, Arnold M Saxton and Sandra P Horn A Quantitative Outcomes-Based Approach to Educational AssessmentTVAAS - Richard B Darlington A Challenge to Familiar Assessment MethodsResponse to the Reviewers - William L Sanders et alPART FIVE: THE KENTUCKY INSTRUCTIONAL RESULTS INFORMATIONS SYSTEMHistorical Background - Doris Redfield and Roger Pankratz The Kentucky School Accountability IndexRonald K Hambleton - Neal Kingston and Ed ReidyMeasurement Quality of the Kentucky Instructional Results Information System, 1991-1994Overview and Assessment of the Kentucky Instructional Results Informations System - Daniel L StufflebeamKIRIS Meets the Critics - Neal Kingston and Ed Reidy A Little Light and Much HeatPART SIX: SYNTHESIS AND PERSPECTIVESHow Do I Judge Thee? Let Me Count the Ways - Jason MillmanToward What End? - Linda Darling-Hammond The Evaluation of Student Learning for the Improvement of TeachingThe Moth and the Flame - W James Popham Student Learning as a Criterion of Instructional Competence
In an extensive review of teacher and school evaluation, one is not likely to find an issue more divisive than the question of how best, in high-stakes contexts, to evaluate how well teachers and schools accomplish their task of educating students.

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