Women Writing Women

The Frontiers Reader
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Writing the Self; Weave and Mend; Joanne B. Mulcahy; Sense and Responsibility, "La Verdad es Muda," and "Olvidate de todo, menos de mi"; Maribel Sosa; Of Milk and Miracles: Nursing, the Life Drive, and Subjectivity; Katherine Sutherland; It Takes a Global Village to Raise a Consciousness: A Stretch of the Imagination; Nancy Reincke; Writing Family; Two Cherokee Women; Roseanna Sneed; Like a Bamboo:Representations of a Japanese War Bride; Debbie Storrs; Filming Nana: Some Dilemmas of Oral History on Film; Connie Broughton; Fragments from a Family Album; Shawn Michelle Smith; Potties, Pride, and PC Scenes from a Lesbian Mothers' Group Anne Aronson; Writing Other Women; Gender Issues in the Afghanistan Diaspora:Nadia's Story; Audrey C. Shalinsky; From the Yazoo Mississippi Delta to the Urban Communities of the Midwest: Conversations with Rural African American Women; Valerie Grim; Walls and Bridges: Cultural Mediation and the Legacy of Ella Deloria; Janet L. Finn; Writing Women at a Distance; A (Boarding) House Is Not a Home: Women's Work and Woman's Worth on the Margins of Domesticity; Kari Boyd McBride; "Broke in Spirits": Death, Depression, and Endurance through Writing; Pamela Riney-Kehrberg; "It is hard to be born a woman but hopeless to be born a Chinese": The Life and Times of Flora Belle Jan; Judy Yung
By merging scholarly writing with personal life stories, "Women Writing Women" creates a new setting for communicating the unique experiences of women. The interdisciplinary nature of this volume, incorporating authors' ideas on identity, gender, and social realities, illuminates a rich diversity of experiences.
To give voice to the different realities women live in and write from, the editors have divided the anthology into four sections: writing about the self; writing about the family and other intimate relationships; writing about the women they study; and writing about women from sources such as diaries and letters. Within this framework women touch on subjects such as ethnicity, sexuality, motherhood, and feminist versus traditional values. The result is a collection of essays that pays tribute to women's complex realities and to their critical creativity in writing about those realities.

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