Inside Dazzling Mountains: Southwest Native Verbal Arts

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David L. Kozak
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Native Literatures of the Amer

David L. Kozak is a professor of anthropology at Fort Lewis College. He is the author of Devil Sickness and Devil Songs: Tohono O¿odham Poetics.
Dedication; Acknowledgments; Contributors List; Introduction by David Kozak Part 1: Language Isolates SERI 1. Leatherback Sea TurtleXiica Cmotomanoj / Written by Ren Montao Herrera; Translation by Stephen A. Marlett; Introduction by Stephen A. Marlett 2. Those Who Had Hast Quita as Their Birthplace / Written by Lorenzo Herrera Casanova; Translation by Stephen A. Marlett; Introduction by Stephen A. Marlett 3. Twin PeaksHast Cacla / Written by Francisco Xavier Moreno Herrera; Translation by Stephen A. Marlett; Introduction by Stephen A. Marlett ZUNI 4. Two Zuni Coyote Tales / Narrator unknown; Introduction by Lynn Nichols Part 2: Yuman Language Family CHEMEHUEVI 5. How Coyote and Dog Exchanged Noses / Told by George Laird; Translated by Carobeth Laird and John P. Harrington; Glosses by Angelina Serratos and Justin Goodenkauf; Introduction by Angelina Serratos QUECHAN 6. Coyote and Hen / Narrated by Barbara Levy; Translated by Barbara Levy and Amy Miller; Introduction by Amy Miller TIPAAY 7. Rabbit and Frog / Narrated by Jon Meza Cuero; Recorded by Margaret Field; Translated by Amy Miller; Introduction by Margaret Field Part 3: Nadne (Apachean) Language Family NAVAJO 8. A Family Struggles: From the Washington Matthews Version of the Navajo Mountain Chant / Introduction by Paul Zolbrod 9. John Watchmans Maii d Glzhii / Narrated by John Watchman; Translated by Harry Hoijer, Blackhorse Mitchell, Edward Sapir, John Watchman and Anthony K. Webster; Introduction by Anthony K. Webster CHIRICAHUA APACHE 10. Samuel E. Kenois Portraits of White Men / Told by Samuel E. Kenoi; Translated by Anthony K. Webster; Introduction by Anthony K. Webster WHITE MOUNTAIN APACHE 11. Ndah Chidn / Narrated by Paul Ethelbah; Commentary by Genevieve Ethelbah; Introduction by M. Eleanor Nevins Part 4: Uto-Aztecan Language Family HOPI 12. Two Hopi Poems / Singers unknown; Recorded by H.R. Voth; Introduction by David Leedom Shaul 13. The Field Mouse Story by Qoyawayma / Told by Qoyawayma; Recorded by H.R. Voth; Introduction by David Leedom Shaul YAQUI 14. Woi Wakila Into Taavu: Skinny Coyote and Bunny / Narrated by Santos Leyva; English Translation by Maria Florez Leyva; Spanish Translation by Mercedes Tubino Blanco; Introduction by Jason D. Haugen and Heidi Harley 15. The Talking Tree: A Yoeme Beginning / Narrator Unknown; Introduction by David Leedom Shaul 16. Cowgirl Jane: A Yoeme Cow and Monte Meditation / Narrator Unknown; Introduction by David Leedom Shaul TARAHUMARA 17. Raraumuri Historias de Antes: Raramuri Stories from Before / Narrated by Valente Arguelles, Eligio Gonzlez and Maria Ignacia Merino; Translated by Jamie Shadid; Recorded by Juan Pablo Garrido; Introduction by Juan Pablo Garrido and Nicols Olivos PIMA-MARICOPA 18. The Life History of a Pima-Maricopa Woman and Her Speech to Pope John Paul II / Told by Alfretta Antone; Introduction by Sam Pack ALTAR VALLEY PIMAN 19. 18th Century Jesuit and Franciscan Platica: Lexical Choice and Textual Architecture / Ecclesiastical Translation by Francisco Moyano; Introduction by David Leedom Shaul 20. The Lords Prayer in Altar Valley Piman / Ecclesiastical Translation by Anton Maria Benz; Back Translation by Phillip Miguel; Introduction by Phillip Miguel TOHONO OODHAM 21. The Albino Saguaro: Contemporary Storytelling in Tohono Oodham / Narrated by Stella Tucker; Translated by Phillip Miguel and Colleen M. Fitzgerald; Introduction by Colleen M. Fitzgerald and Phillip Miguel Part 5: Kiowa-Tanoan Language Family KIOWA 22. How Thbl Got His Name / Narrated by Parker McKenzie Y:sum; Translated by Gus Pnthid Palmer; Introduction by Gus Pnthid Palmer PICURIS 23. Stories From the Hidden Valley: Picuris Traditional Tales / Narrated by Rosendo Vargas; Recorded by John P. Harrington; Translated by Amy Zaharlick; Introduction by Amy Zaharlick ARIZONA TEWA 24. A Yaaniwe Song of the Arizona Tewa: Celebrating Prosperity and Identity/ Song Performed by Dewey Healing; Translated by Paul V. Kroskrity; Introduction by Paul V. Kroskrity 25. Avayun (and Coyote) Story: a Retranslation of Coyotes False Tail / Told by unknown Elder; Originally Translated by Elsie Clews Parsons; Retranslated by Paul V. Kroskrity; Introduction by Paul V. Kroskrity OHKAY OWINGEH (formerly San Juan Pueblo) 26. Four Springtime Tewa Songs / Singer/Composer, Translator, Discussant Peter Garcia, Sr.; Tewa Discussants Reycita Garcia, Patricia Ortiz, Bea Garcia, Gordon Garcia; Hopi Translator and Discussant Griselda Saufkie; Acoma Keresan Translator and Discussant Greg Shutiva; Discussant, Collector and Editor Linda J. Goodman; Introduction by Linda J. Goodman Part 6: Southwest Translation, Myth and History 27. Translating the Verbal Art of the Native American Southwest / by William M. Clements; 28. Edenism: On the Star Husbandless Southwest / by Donald Bahr; 29. Yukiwmat Navotiat: The Tradition of Yukiwma / by Peter Whiteley

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