Theologians in Their Own Words

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Acknowledgments 1 Contributors 3 Introduction 7 1. Truth and Reconciliation 15 2. The Deepest Traces 35 3. The One Acted Upon 41 4. They Told What Had Happened on the Road 53 5. A Story of Teaching and Learning 63 6. Theology as Interpretation of the World 75 7. A Theological Autobiography, to Date 89 8. The Freedom to Resist Idolatry 103 9. Christian Theology and the Modes of Experience 113 10. Reading Reality 125 11. Wind and Spirit 137 12. An Intellectual Pilgrimage 151 13. Still Becoming 163 14. Confessions of a Postconservative Evangelical Theologian 177 15. From Physicist to Priest 187 16. My Life Journey 197 17. Moving to the Margin 209 18. Ecology, Justice, Liturgy 219 19. Planting Trees 235 20. Bubble Blown and Lived In 249 21. A Living Conversation 259 22. Christian Claims 271 23. Faith Seeking Understanding 281
Theologians in Their Own Words is a volume of 23 brief, straight-forward autobiographical statements from many of the most important theologians and scholars of religion of recent decades.
Editiert von: Derek R. Nelson, Joshua M. Moritz, Ted Peters
Joshua M. Moritz is managing editor of the journal Theology and Science and post-doctoral research associate at the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley. He is also director of the Considering God's Works project of the Templeton Foundation funded Scientists in Congregations Initiative at Berkeley Covenant Church.

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Autor: Derek R. Nelson
ISBN-13 :: 9780800698805
ISBN: 0800698800
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