State of the Nation: South Africa: Addressing Inequality and Poverty

State of the Nation: South Afr
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Politics and the State; Economics; Society; Environment and health.
Between 2003 and 2008, the HSRC published its annual flagship publication, State of the Nation. Since the launch of the first edition, the series has captured the attention of public intellectuals, scholars, policymakers and the media in South Africa and abroad.
Editiert von: Udesh Pillay, Gerard Hagg, Francis Nyamnjoh
Udesh Pillay is the deputy CEO of management support at the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). Gerard Hagg is a chief research specialist in the democracy and governance and service delivery (DGSD) research program at the HSRC. Francis Nyamnjoh is a professor of social anthropology at the University of Cape Town. Jonathan Jansen is rector and vice chancellor of the University of the Free State and president of the South African Institute of Race Relations. He is a prominent author and speaker on educational matters around the world.

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