Alternatives to Privatisation: Public Options for Essential Services in the Global South

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Introduction: In search of alternatives to privatisation; Weighing the options: Methodological considerations. Actors, issues and ideologies: Terrains of neoliberalism: Constraints and opportunities for alternative models of service delivery; Transformative resistance: The role of labour and trade unions in alternatives to privatisation; Gendering justice, building alternative futures; Social movement struggles for public services; Careful what you ask for: State-led alternatives to privatisation. Sectoral and regional reviews: Asia: Regional overview; Creating, reclaiming, defending: Non-commercialised alternatives in the health sector in Asia; Springs of hope: Alternatives to commercialisation of water resources and services in Asia; The public in Asia power; Africa: Regional overview; African triage: Assessing alternatives to health care privatisation south of the Sahara; Where have all the alternatives gone? The shrinking of African water policy options; Electrifying Africa: Turning a continental challenge into a people's opportunity; Latin America and the Caribbean: Regional overview; Progressive alternatives in primary health care in Latin America; Struggles for water justice in Latin America: Public and 'social-public' alternatives; Alternatives in the electricity sector in Latin America 453. Looking ahead; Conclusion: Ways forward for alternatives in health care, water and electricity.
Critics of privatisation are often told they present no alternatives.
Editiert von: David A. Mcdonald, Greg Ruiters
David A McDonald is Professor of Global Development Studies at Queen's University, Canada, and Co-Director of the Municipal Services Project. Greg Ruiters is Professor of Governance and Public Policy at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa, and Co-Director of the Municipal Services Project.

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