Voices of Liberation: Ruth First

Voices of Liberation S
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Her life: Early years; University; The Congress Alliance; Life in exile. Her writing: Africans turned off the land; Pretoria conquered by the women!; Pass books for women issued in Winburg; Alexandra: where the pass laws breed murder; The new slavery; Tens of thousands flock to Mai Mai daily; Anti-pass protests shake the land; Potato boycott launched; Farm slave scheme cracks; In the presence of history; South Africa today; Our duty - as we see it; From the Freedom Charter to armed struggle; After Soweto: a response; Revolutionary propaganda at home and abroad: discussion guide note; The gold of migrant labour; Gentlemen and officers; The cell. Her legacy: Bibliography; Photo credits.
The struggle to free South Africa from its apartheid shackles was long and complex. One of the many ways in which the apartheid regime maintained its stranglehold in South Africa was through controlling the freedom of speech and the flow of information, in an effort to silence the voices of those who opposed it.
Autor: Don Pinnock, Ruth First
Don Pinnock is a former editor of "Getaway" magazine and a director of Southern Write, an association of top travel writers and photographers in Africa. He is the author of "African Journeys"; "Blue Ice: Travels in Antarctica"; "The Brotherhoods: Street Gangs and State Control"; "Gangs, Rituals, and Rites of Passage"; "Love Letters to Africa"; "Natural Selections"; "Rainmaker"; "The Woman Who Lived in a Tree"; and "Writing Left."

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Autor: Don Pinnock
ISBN-13 :: 9780796923592
ISBN: 0796923590
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Auflage 00002, Second Edition,
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