Fluid Rights: Water Allocation Reform in South Africa

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Water rights in context: evolution and reform; WAR in the making - crafting the water allocation reform programme; water allocation in the Inkomati; conclusions.
This title gets to grips with the complexities of policy change in South Africa, asking how evolving doctrines and policies shape the way water use rights are conceptualised and governed.
Autor: Synne Movik
Synne Movik currently holds a postdoctoral position in Global Environmental Governance at the Institute of International Environment and Development Studies, Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Prior to this, she worked on water and sanitation issues with the STEPS Centre at University of Sussex. She received a DPhil from the Institute of Development Studies, also at the University of Sussex, in 2008. The focus of her research was on water policy, water use rights, allocation and governance in South Africa, which provides the basis for the book.

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Autor: Synne Movik
ISBN-13 :: 9780796923530
ISBN: 0796923531
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