The Struggle Over Land in Africa: Conflicts, Politics & Change

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Ethnic and indigenous land conflicts: 'Indigenous' land claims in Kenya: A case study of Chebyuk, Mount Elgon District; shades of grey - post-conflict land policy reform in the Great Lakes Region. Between 'traditionalism and modernity': Insecurity, privatisation and marginalisation: The politics of communal tenure reform: A South African case study; Karal land: Family cultural patrimony or a commercialised product on the Diamare Plain?. Renewed land interests, land use, and conflicts: The conflicting distribution of tourism revenue as an example of insecure land tenure in Namibian communal lands; Land rights and enclosures: Implementing the Mozambican Land Law in practice; Biodiversity conservation against small-scale farming? Scientific evidences and emergence of new types of land crises. State building, politics and land: The role of land as a site and source of conflict in Angola; Two cycles of land policy in South Africa: Tracing the contours; A legal analysis of the Namibian commercial agricultural land reform process . Land policy development, planning and (non-)inclusiveness: The Ituri paradox: When armed groups have a land policy and peacemakers do not; Understanding urban planning approaches in Tanzania: A historical transition analysis for urban sustainability. Regional scopes of land conflicts and changing norms: The Zimbabwe crisis, land reform and normalisation; Regionalisation of norms and the impact of narratives on southern African land policies.
Highlighting the urgent problem of land disputes in Africa, this collection of essays also draws attention to the complex root causes of these conflicts and the challenges they present for the governance of both states and markets. Written by authors from academic, diplomatic, and political backgrounds, the book is an essential reference on the debate about land issues in Africa. The study provides a continental perspective in chapters that describe internal crises in Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, northern Cameroon, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.
Editiert von: Ward Anseeuw, Chris Alden
Dr Ward Anseeuw is a CIRAD Researcher in the Post Graduate School for Agriculture and Rural Development at the University of Pretoria. Dr Anseeuw is an Agro-Economist who holds a Doctorate degree in Economics from the Pierre Mendes University in France (Grenoble). He has previously worked with the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA, Sciences Laboratory for Action and Development). He has mainly worked on agrarian and land policies in South Africa, but has also analysed the changing land policies within SADC and the broader African context from a more political point of view. Dr Chris Alden is a reader in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK. He has conducted extensive field research across the Southern African region and has published widely on the international politics and conflict in Southern Africa as well as work on Asia-Africa relations.

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