Teenage Tata: Voices of Young Fathers in South Africa

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Studying young fathers in impoverished communities: What we know and need to know about young fathers and fatherhood - young fatherhood and negative life outcomes, the absence of studies on young fathers in the developing world, the purpose of the study; designing and implementing an ethical phenomenological study - the conceptual and methodological framework, data collection, research sample and analysis, using community informants to recruit research participants, research ethics, limitations and challenges of the study. The voices of young fathers: 'Scared, proud, excited, frustrated, stressed' - coming to terms with being a young father - a strong emotional response to the news of fatherhood, the meaning of responsibility, reasons for having a child at a young age, the impact of the event on young men's lives, conclusion; 'being there and providing; that's my job' - young fathers' perspectives on good fathering, becoming a father in the context of absent fathers, what it means to be a good father, what it takes to be a good father, conclusion; mothers, damages and 'her family': influences, practices and relationships in the life of a young father - the role of young fathers' mothers, young men's relationships with the child's mother and her family, cultural practices as obstacles to young fathers' involvement with their children; 'spare wheels' and 'meat to meat' - the meaning of sexual health for impoverished young men - young fathers' use of condoms and knowledge of contraception, the allure of emotional connection through multiple partners, the dearth of services and failure of sex education. Conclusions and recommendations: 'knowing, working, talking and connecting' - the crucial needs of young fathers - a summary of the main findings, young fathers' recommendations about the help they need, advice to young men who are soon to be fathers, advice to young men to avoid becoming fathers, creating closer ties through social network interviewing: a possible intervention, recommendations for further study.
Offers a portrait of impoverished young South African men who became fathers while teenagers. This title provides space for their articulate voices to be heard amidst the outcry against the absence of fathers, and offers insights into young fathers' personal, emotional, financial and cultural struggles as they come to terms with fatherhood.
Autor: Arvin Bhana, Sharlene Swartz
Dr Sharlene Swartz is a sociologist and researcher at the Child, Youth, Family and Social Development research programme of the Human Sciences Research Council, and a visiting research fellow at the Centre for Commonwealth Education at the University of Cambridge. Professor Arvin Bhana is a psychologist, the Deputy Executive Director at the Child, Youth, Family and Social Development research programme of the Human Sciences Research Council, and an adjunct associate professor in the School of Psychology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

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Autor: Arvin Bhana
ISBN-13 :: 9780796922878
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