Sectors & Skills: The Need for Policy Alignment

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Sectors and skills: the need for policy alignment; automotive components; aerospace; three new technology platforms; metals beneficiation; chemicals; Wood, Paper and Pulp; energy; transport; clothing and textiles; agro-processing; creative industries; financial services; information and communication technologies; tourism; skills-industry misalignment in the South African economy.
Presents the results of a study of the skill demands of five economic clusters in South Africa: the high-tech sector; the resource-based sector; the labour-intensive sector; the services sector; and public infrastructure - energy and transport.
Editiert von: Andre Kraak
Dr Andre Kraak is a former Research Director for Human Resources Development and Science Studies in the Education, Science and Skills Development research programme at the HSRC. He is currently and independent Education and Training Research Consultant in South Africa.

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Autor: Andre Kraak
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