Changing Social Policy: The Child Support Grant in South Africa

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The context: Poverty, inequality and the situation of children and families in south africa; engaging in policy reform at the time of transition; from apartheid welfare to developmental social welfare; social assistance and the state maintenance grant. The committee: Status; composition; mandate; orientation; method of work. Policy alternatives: Reform of the private parental maintenance system; increase in support for mainstream social welfare services; support for the emerging development; social welfare model - the flagship programme for unemployed women with children 0 -- 5; support for nutritional programmes for young children; support for early childhood development programmes; support for social funds; a new cash transfer. The child support grant: design; implementation; performance. Compromises and controversies: The phasing out of the state maintenance grant; a universal benefit or a means tested grant; accepting a 'fiscal constraint'; the participation of civil society in policy reform. The road from policy to practice: The implementation task team; piloting new reforms; communicating about new reforms; accounting for the passage of the reforms; looking back.
Outlining the transformation of the discriminatory welfare system under apartheid, this South African study explains the progressive and developmental social welfare system that has emerged in the post-apartheid era. It provides an overview of the context of policy reform at the time of South Africa's transition to democracy.
Autor: Francie Lund
Francie Lund is a member of the teaching and research staff at the school of development studies, University of KwaZulu/Natal, and is the author of Caring for Elderly People and Chains of Production, Ladders of Protection. She has consulted for the International Labor Organization and the World Bank. She lives in Durban, South Africa.

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Autor: Francie Lund
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