State of the Nation: South Africa 2008

State of the Nation: South Afr
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INTRODUCTION Peter Kagwanja and Kwandiwe Kondlo; Part I: POLITICS; Modernising the African National Congress: The legacy of President Thabo Mbeki William M Gumede; The state of the Pan-Africanist Congress in a democratic South Africa Thabisi Hoeane; Black consciousness in contemporary South African politics Thiven Reddy; Part II: ECONOMICS; The developmental state in South Africa: The difficult road ahead Sampie Terreblanche; Globalisation and transformation of the South African merchant navy: A case of flag of (in)convenience shipping? Shaun Ruggunan; Service delivery as a measure of change: State capacity and development David Hemson, Jonathan Carter and Geci Karuri-Sebina; The state of our environment: Safeguarding the foundation for development Donald Gibson, Amina Ismail, Darryll Kilian and Maia Matshikiza; Part III: SOCIETY; Beyond yard socialism: Landlords, tenants and social power in the backyards of a South African city Leslie Bank; Part IV: SOUTH AFRICA, AFRICA AND THE GLOBE; Internationalisation and competitiveness in South African urban governance: On the contradictions of aspirationist urban policy-making Scarlett Cornelissen; South Africa and the Great Lakes: A complex diplomacy Che Ajulu; Cry sovereignty: South Africa in the UN Security Council one year on Peter Kagwanja; Praetorian solidarity: The state of military relations between South Africa and Zimbabwe Peter Kagwanja and Martin Revayi Rupiya.
Drawing from the ranks of academics, political analysts, civil society, and the research community, this annual collection of intellectual commentaries features a range of pertinent and captivating contemporary viewpoints on social and cultural South African issues. With discussions on the role of black consciousness in South African politics, urbanism and the changing South African housing policy, globalization and transformation in the South African Merchant Navy, and South Africa's role in the United Nations Security Council, these insightful essays each reflect a finger kept firmly on the South African pulse.
Editiert von: Peter Kagwanja, Kwandiwe Kondlo
Dr Peter Kagwanja is a director in the Democracy and Governance research programme at the HSRC, where he leads research and analysis on policy and intellectual issues relating to peace, security, conflict and governance in Africa. Dr Kagwanja is also a research fellow at the Department of Political Science at the University of Pretoria. Before joining the HSRC, he served as the director of the International Crisis Group Southern Africa Project, senior researcher and head of the Peer Review Unit of the Pretoria-based think-tank, Safer-Africa, research associate with the Kenya Human Rights Commission, Kenya, and senior researcher at the Centre for Refugee Studies, Moi University, where he also lectured in politics and history. Dr Kwandiwe Kondlo is executive director of the Democracy and Governance programme at the HSRC. He holds an MA in Economic History, University of Cape Town, and obtained a DLitt et Phill (PhD) in Historical Studies from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2003. Before joining the HSRC in March 2008, he was the chief executive officer of the South African Chamber of Commerce. While there, he held a senior research associate position at the Centre for Policy Studies, Johannesburg. This added to his longstanding visiting lectureship at the University of Basel's Centre for African Studies, in Switzerland. In 2007 he won the Harry Oppenheimer Oxford University Research Fellowship, an opportunity he had to defer due to family committments following the death of his mother. Previously he worked as special advisor on Land Reform Policy in the Department of Land Affairs and Agriculture (2006-2007), and as policy and research executive at the National Prosecuting Authority (2001-2005).

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