South Africa's Role in Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking in Africa: Conference Proceedings

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South Africa - an African peacemaker?; power and peace - South Africa and the refurbishing of Africa's multilateral capacity for peacemaking; lost between stability and democracy - South Africa and Lesotho's constitutional crises of the 1990s; commodifying oppression - South African foreign policy towards Zimbabwe under Mbeki; a long prelude to peace - African involvement in ending Burundi's war; disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration during the transition in Burundi - a success story?; South Africa and the DRC; South Africa's role in peacemaking in West Africa; dealing with Africa's post-independence past - truth commissions, special courts, war crimes trials and other methods; ten principles of best practice engagement; a gendered perspective on principles and practice of peacemaking; the South African arms industry - redefining the boundaries.
Drawing from a workshop conducted on behalf of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, these case studies analyze South Africa's peacekeeping attempts since the end of apartheid and discuss its vigorous peacemaking efforts in specific countries, such as Burundi and the Ivory Coast. This collection explores not only the role of truth commissions and the gendered nature of South African peace processes but also the obstacles standing in the country's way due to its simultaneous existence as an arms manufacturer and weapons exporter. Ten principles for best practice are also suggested.
Editiert von: Roger Southall
Roger Southall is a distinguished research fellow of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and a former professor of political studies at Rhodes University. He is coeditor of the HSRC's highly acclaimed State of the Nation volumes and editor of the "Journal of Contemporary African Studies."

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