An African Process: Mandela, South Africa, and Burundi

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South Africa's role in the Burundi peace process - why does it matter?; international intervention in Burundi - background considerations; war and the decline of human security in Burundi; the roots of the crisis; democracy aborted - from coup to civil war; Arusha 1 - background to the Arusha Peace Accord; the Arusha II negotiations - from Nyerere to Mandela; Madiba magic? Nelson Mandela's role as mediator; South Africa's continuing role; Burundi's fragile transition - from Buyoya to Ndayizeye; Burundi's transition under Ndayizeya - from impasse to a fragile deal; the contradictory dynamics of democratisation and demilitarisation; Burundian civil society and South African linkages; sustaining the peace - lessons from South Africa?; concluding observations - Mandela, South Africa and Burundi; postcript - 'we cannot accept to die like hens' - Tutsi fears and regional peace.
The origins and nature of the civil war between the Tutsi ruling minority and the Hutu majority in Burundi are the focus in this analysis. Chapters discuss the problems of establishing democracy, the weapon of genocide, and the role of Nelson Mandela as a mediator between the warring sides with the hope of promoting demilitarization and a sustained peace.
Autor: Kristina A. Bentley, Roger Southall
Roger Southall is a distinguished research fellow with the Democracy and Governance (D&G) Research Program of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and a member of the HSRC's research management team. Kristina Bentley is a senior research specialist in the Democracy and Governance Research Programme of the HSRC.

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Autor: Kristina A. Bentley
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