Emerging Voices: A Report on Education in South African Rural Communities

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Being there - community voices, teachers' voices, learners' voices, ideas for an improved educational future; dust and deprivation - poverty and unemployment in the community, sources of income, literacy within rural households, the experience of rural poverty, histories of communities, the history, purposes and significance of education, conclusions; the road to school - the road to school, early childhood education, in school, learner: teacher ratios, class size, school fees and uniforms, hunger and school meals, health and HIV/AIDS, disability, teenage pregnancy, humiliation, bullying, sexual abuse and violence, traditional ceremonies, consequences of disrupted schooling patterns, conclusions; school and community together - services, school intrastructure, conclusions; experience of the classroom - curriculum, resources, approaches to teaching and learning, corporal punishment, improving rural classrooms, making the curriculum 'relevant', parents' perspectives - education for rural development, learners' perspectives - equal education, democracy and social justice, learners' educational and occupational aspirations, conclusions; democracy in schools - relationships between home and school, teachers and communities, teachers and learners, parents and schools, school governing bodies, community leaders and schools, education officials and rural schools, conclusions; rural education and development - education and rural development in historical context, the relationshiop between urban and rural development, democracy, development and rural education, why rural education?, a case for an extended notion of the right to basic education.
This examination graphically illustrates the conditions that make dreams of a better life for all virtually unrealizable in rural areas of South Africa. Through the voices of rural people themselves, this study tells not only what the problems surrounding education are but also what can and should be done when the South African government launches its offensive against poverty in rural areas. Rigorous and qualitative, the text is an overview of the need of great numbers of people for the opportunities and capabilities that education can provide for their futures. It also shows the existing situation of many impoverished populations worldwide and illustrates that poverty and inequality continue where such issues are not addressed.
Ausgew臧lt von: Nelson Mandela
Autor: Nelson Mandela Foundation
Instrumenten Solist: John Samuel
Human Sciences Research Council is the largest social science research organization in Africa, conducting large-scale, uses-driven, policy-oriented social science research. The Educational Policy Consortium is made up of various South African university faculties.

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Autor: Nelson Mandela Foundation
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