Sitcom Factfinder, 1948-1984: Over 9,700 Details about 168 Television Shows

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On The Andy Griffith Show, deputy Barney Fifes duties included fly swatting and changing the jails pillowcases. As a kid, Mike Brady of The Brady Bunch was the checkers champion of Chestnut Street. Rob and Laura Petries doorbell on The Dick Van Dyke Show rang in the keys of E and G flat minor. Blair Warner was given a blue ribbon for being named "Most Naturally Blonde" at Eastland School on The Facts of Life. Whether its called trivia, nostalgia, or useless information, over 9,700 facts from 168 television series broadcast from 1948 through 1984 on ABC, NBC, and CBS and in syndication can be found in this work. It covers the popular, well-known series but also the lesser-known series that were a part of televisions earlier days. Information on the origins, spin-offs, television movie updates, and extension series is given for the more popular series. For the lesser series, only basic information is given.

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