Producers on Producing: The Making of Film and Television

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Imre Horvath, producer of 60 Minutes, was asked how to get to talk to inaccessible people: "People that are busy -are scheduled tight -its at 5:00 and 6:00 that theyre back in their office to unwind -theres a kind of resonance or sympathy that springs up. "Oh, youre still in your office too?" Twenty-two interviews feature the producers or creators of Mister Rogers, Highway Patrol, Sea Hunt, The Cisco Kid, The Tonight Show, Rockford Files, Falcon Crest, Gunsmoke, Family Feud, and Roots, among others. These people offer opinions on the producers role, the creation and packaging of different program genres, getting the best from the production team, tips for success, and of course personalities and personal moments. Honest and intelligent, these interviews give the reader a fascinating view of the industry.

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Autor: Irv Broughton
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