Nursing Health Assessment: A Best Practice Approach [With DVD ROM and Access Code]

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Unit 1 - Foundations of Nursing Health Assessment 1. The Nurse's Role in Health Assessment 2. The Interview and Therapeutic Dialogue 3. The Health History 4. Techniques of Physical Examination and Equipment 5. Documentation and Interdisciplinary Communication Unit 2 - General Examinations 6. General Survey and Vital Signs Assessment 7. Pain Assessment 8. Nutrition Assessment 9. Assessment of Developmental Stages 10. Mental Health Assessment 11. Assessment of Social, Cultural, and Spiritual Health 12. Assessment of Human Violence Unit 3 - Regional Examinations 13. Skin, Hair, and Nails Assessment 14. Head and Neck with Lymphatics Assessment 15. Eyes Assessment 16. Ears Assessment 17. Nose, Sinuses, Mouth, and Throat Assessment 18. Thorax and Lungs Assessment 19. Heart and Neck Vessels Assessment 20. Peripheral Vascular and Lymphatic Assessment 21. Breasts and Axillae Assessment 22. Abdominal Assessment 23. Musculoskeletal Assessment 24. Neurological Assessment 25. Male Genitalia and Rectal Assessment 26. Female Genitalia and Rectal Assessment Unit 4 - Special Populations and Foci 27. Pregnant Women 28. Newborns and Infants 29. Children and Adolescents 30. Older Adults Unit 5 - Putting it All Together 31. Head-to-Toe Assessment of the Adult
Reflects a modern view of nursing practice, featuring innovative elements that facilitate understanding of how best to obtain accurate data from patients. This title presents strategies for adapting questions and techniques when communication is challenging, the patient's responses are unexpected, or the patient's condition changes over time.

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