Rethinking Federalism: Citizens, Markets, and Governments in a Changing World

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Karen Knop
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Karen Knop is an assistant professor in the Faculty ofLaw at the University of Toronto. Sylvia Ostry isChair of the Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto,and Chancellor of the University of Waterloo. RichardSimeon is a professor of Political Science and Law at theUniversity of Toronto and Vice-Chair of the Ontario Law ReformCommission. Katherine Swinton is a professor in theFaculty of Law, cross-appointed to the Department of Political Science,at the University of Toronto.
Part 1 Rethinking federalism in a changing world, Richard Simeon and Katherine Swinton. Part 2 Citizenship, identity and federal societies: constitutional government and the two faces of ethnicity - federalism is not enough, Alan Cairns; identification in transnational political communities, Raymond Breton; the new pluralism - regionalism, ethnicity and language in western Europe, Guy Kirsch; the federal experience in Yugoslavia, Mihailo Markovic; questions of citizenship after the breakup of the USSR, Vsevolod Ivanovich Vasiliev; citizenship claims - routes to representation in a federal system, Jane Jenson; the Aboriginal peoples of Canada and renewal of the federation, Paul Chartrand. Part 3 The economics of federalism: is federalism the future? an economic perspective, Kenneth Norrie; economic federalism and the European Community, Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa; governing European union - from pre-federal economic integration?, Jacques Pelkmans; central Asia and Kazakhstan - from administrtive command integration to Commonwealth of Independent States, Bakhtior Islamov; American federalism - an economic perspective, Alice Rivlin. Part 4 The law and politics of federalism: new wine in old bottles?; federalism and nation states in the 21st century - a conceptual overview, Thomas Hueglin; federalism and the nation state - what can be learned from the American experience, Samuel Beer; Canada and the United States - lessons from the North American experience, Richard Simeon; federalism, democracy, and regulatory reform - a sceptical view of the case for decentralization, Robert Howse; federalism, the charter and the courts - rethinking constitutional dialogue in Canada, Katherine Swinton; Central and Eastern European federations - communist theory and practice, Viktor Knapp; disintegration of the Soviet "federation" and the "federalization" of Ukraine, Vologymyr Vassylenko. Part 5 Conclusion: multi-nationalism and the federal idea - a synopsis, John Meisel.

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