The Klondike Stampede

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Tappan Adney
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This classic in Yukon gold rush literature was originally published in 1900 and has long been out of print. Tappan Adney, a New York journalist, was dispatched to the Yukon in 1897, at the height of the gold fever, to "furnish news and pictures of the new gold fields". Adney joined the northward migration, chronicling the day-to-day experiences of the stampeders. He moved comfortably among the would-be miners, recounting their stories, the sights along the route, and the hopes and fears of the many men - and handful of women - who shared his journey to the gold fields. The book contains excellent descriptions of the people, places, events, and experiences of the Klondike stampede. The account of the Klondike gold fields, which includes pragmatic discussions of such things as mining techniques, cabin-building, and the operation of dog teams, is solid, reliable and fascinating. Adney was not only a good writer, he was also an accomplished photographer, and there are over 160 photographs and drawings in the text, adding an important visual dimension to the book. After it came out, The Klondike Stampede rarely received the attention it deserved, although northern specialists have long found much of value in its pages. Its re-publication will ensure that this valuable book will be read again by those seeking an insightful and accurate account of the world's greatest gold rush.
Arrival of Excaliber and Portland with treasure and news of great strike, excitement that followed, and the stampede for Klondike; outfitting in Victoria; departure; incidents on the steamer; preparations for landing at Skagway; landing at Skagway; excitement and hardships and confusion; a new city; duty on horses; first glimpse of the trail; Skagway river; at the "foot of the hill"; horses down; pack-horses go to Dyea; life in Skagway; experiences of old-timers; start on the Skagway trail; terrors of the trail; dead horses; mud and rocks; terrible condition of men and horses; a night camp; trail closed until repairs are made; return to Skagway; departure for Dyea; outfit destroyed by tide; the Chilkoot, or Dyea, trail; Dyea river; Chilkoot Indians; trail open, but outfits stranded for lack of money; the Leadbetter outfit; packers seize horses; sheep camp; its population; mud and rain; hotel Palmer; sheep camp to the foot of Chilkoot; "Stone houses"; climbing Chilkoot; over the summit; delayed by storms; Lake Linderman; boat building; excitement of departures; Lake Bennett; shooting the rapids; end of Skagway Trail; departure from Bennett; storm on the lake; Klondikers wrecked and drowned, big trout; custom-house at Tagish Lake; collecting duties on outfits; will we get through before it freezes?; ice in Lake Marsh; the canyon and White Horse; shooting the rapids; narrow escape; accidents; records on the trees; departure from White Horse; Lake Labarge; Indian village; trading; thirty-mile river; Hootalinqua; Big salmon river; mush ice; Little salmon river; fierce trading; thievish indians; refugees from Dawson; five-finger rapids; starvation; arrival at Fort Selkirk; former Hudson's Bay Post; present Alaska Commercial Company store; talks with the storekeeper; more about the shortage of grub; start from Fort Selkirk; heavy ice; below zero; miners hauled out, waiting for river to clear; dangers of the heavy ice; stewart River; accident in the sweepers; sixty-mile post; "This is Dawson"; Klondike "City"; Dawson; first impressions of the camp; the grub scare, and exodus; choosing a cabin-site; the river closes; narrow escapes in the ice; a typical miner's cabin; house-building in zero weather; how cold will it be?; the bonanza trail; dogs and dog-driving; the typical "Malamut"; a dog-team's equipment; the finest dog-team in the Klondike; kind of gold mining; varieties of gold; methods of "placer" mining; "Panning"; "Rocking"; "Sluicing"; first gold mining in the Yukon; "Bar diggings"; PART CONTENTS

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