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229x153x18 mm

Cannibal Tours and Glass Boxes poses a number of probing questions about the role and responsibility of museums and anthropology in the contemporary world.
The critical theory and practice of museums; The development of museums in the Western world - tensions between democratization and professionalization; Dilemmas of the practical anthropologist - public service versus professional interests; What could a social anthropologist do in a museum of anthropology? - the anthropology of museums and anthropology; How anthropologists stereotype other people; How anthropologists help to fabricate the cultures they study; The definition of Native art - the case of Willie Seaweed; The emerging Native view of history and culture; De-schooling the museum - a proposal to increase public access to museums and their resources; Are museums or anthropology really necessary any more?; World's Fairs and the constitution of society - the ideology of Expo '86; The Big Mac attack and the anthropology of everyday life; Cannibal tours, glass boxes and the politics of interpretation; Museums in the age of deconstruction.

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