Professional Child and Youth Care, Second Edition

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Carey Denholm
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Roy Ferguson is extension faculty coordinator in theSchool of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria.Alan Pence is a professor in the School of Child andYouth Care at the University of Victoria. CareyDenholm is senior lecturer in the Department of Education atthe University of Tasmania (Hobart), Australia.
An overview of the scope of child care in Canada, Roy Ferguson, Carey Denholm and Alan R. Pence; residential child and youth care, Gerry Fewster and Thom Garfat; child and youth care and the Canadian youth justice system, Del Phillips and Barbara Maslowsky; Canadian school-based child and youth care, Carey Denholm and David Watkins; child life programs - meeting developmental needs of children and families in medical settings, Carolyn Larsen, Roy Ferguson and Leigh Parish; child day care in Canada - a child and youth care perspective, Alan R. Pence, Patricia Canning and Sandra Griffin; community-based child care, Peter A. Gabor and Valerie Shahariw Kuehne; parent education and support - an emerging field for child and youth care work, James Anglin and Robert Glossop; the future of child care in Canada, Roy Ferguson, Alan R. Pence and Carey Denholm; parks and recreation services, Gary Young and Kevin Pike; children, youth, and disability - a community approach to rehabilitation, Roy I. Brown.

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