Canadian Foreign Policy and International Economic Regimes

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Canada and International Relations

Part 1 Regulation of international trade: the evolution of Canadian postwar international trade policy, Jock A. Finlayson and Stefano Bertasi; reflections on the Canada Free Trade Agreement in the context of the multilateral trading system, Christopher J. Thomas; Canada and the ongoing impasse over agricultural protectionism, Theodore H. Cohn; Canada and the private international trade law regime, A. Claire Cutler. Part 2 Regulation of international financial transactions - Canadian foreign investment policy: issues and prospects, James A. Brander; Canada and international legal regimes for foreign investment and trade in services, Robert K. Paterson; Canada and the international monetary regime, Michael C. Webb. Part 3 Regulation of international service industries, Canada and the changing regime in international air transport, Martin E. Dresner and Michael W. Tretheway; Canada and the evolving system of international shipping, Trevor D. Heaver; Canada and the movement towards liberalization of the international telecommunications regime, Steven Globerman et al. Part 4 International regulation of resources and the environment, the evolution of Canadian fisheries management policy under the new law of the sea: international dimensions, Gordon R. Munro; regime-building for the north american environment, Donald Munton and Geoffrey Castle: closing perspective, changing multilateral institutions - a role for Canada, Sylvia Ostry.
A. Claire Cutler is an assistant professor in theDepartment of Political Science, University of Victoria. MarkW. Zacher is a professor in the Department of PoliticalScience at the University of British Columbia.

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