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A co-publication with the journal Canadian Literature - Canada's foremost literary journal - this collection examines the growing prominence of contemporary Native writing.
One generation to extinction, Basil H. Johnson; Reassessing traditional Inuit poetry, Robin McGrath; That also is you - some classics of Native Canadian literature, Robert Bringhurst; "A parcel of whelps" - Alexander Mackenzie among the Indians, Parker Duchemin; Savage, degenerate, and dispossessed - some sociological, anthropological and legal backgrounds to the depiction of Native peoples in early long poems on Canada, D.M.R. Bentley; Red and white men / black, white and grey hats - literary attitudes to the interaction between European and Native Canadians in the first half of the 19th century, Mary Lu Macdonald; Mourning Dove's Canadian recovery years 1917-19, Alanna Kathleen Brown; Contemporary Native women's voices in literature, Agnes Grant; Equality among women, Mingwn Mingwn (Shirley Bear); Jeannette Armstrong and the colonial legacy, Noel Elizabeth Currie; Yin Chin Lee Maracle; Upsetting fake ideas - Jeannette Armstrong's Slash and Beatrice Culletion's April, Raintre Margery Fee; The politics of representation - some Native Canadian women writers, Barbara Godard; Border work, Celia Haig-Brown; A double-bladed knife - subversive laughter in two stories by Thomas King, Margaret Attwood; Lines and circles - the Rez plays of Tomson Highway, Denis W. Johnston; The Baffin writers' project, Victoria Freeman; Cultures in conflict - the problem of discourse, Robin Ridington; The prophecy, Basil H. Johnson. Poems: Artifacts, Frank Conibear; Negative of You, Shawnandithit (Last of the Beothuks); The Blizzard Moans My Name, Joan Crate; A Prairie Museum, Belugas, Four Dancers, Jim Tallosi; Chewing the Pieces, David P. Reiter; Pakashgoogan, Denis Stokes; Shoreline, Old Lake Iroquois, M.T. Kelly; Nightmare Comfort, Ben Abel; Klu'skap-oo'kom, The Dream Was the Answer, Rita Joe; Nostalgia, The Red in Winter; "Progress", Emma Larocque; Earth Nites, I'm Not in Charge of This Ritual, Big Steve, Down on the Yucatan, Shaman and the Raven, Wayne Keon; Yin Chin Lee Maracle; The Wet, Working on Titles, Eagles Caught Salmon, Bruce Chester; Song on Starling Street, Breakdown Moon, Blue Moon, Inukshuk Daniel David Moses; Coyote Learns to Whistle, Coyote Sees the Prime Minister, Coyote Goes to Toronto, The City on the Hill, Thomas King; The Dancing Sun, The Water Moved an Instant, Alootook Ipellie; April 23, 1985 - Aboriginal Rights Conference, Mingwn Mingwn (Shirley Bear).

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