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Paul Tennant is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of British Columbia and the winner of the Lieutenant Governor's Medal, The BC Historical Federation Writing Competition (1991) and the Roderick Haig-Brown Regional Prize, BC Book Prizes, non-fiction (1991).
Aboriginal peoples and Aboriginal claims; The Douglas Treaties and Aboriginal title; The "Douglas" system: reserves, pre-emptions and assimilation; Segregation and suppression 1864--87; Demands for title, treaties and self-government 1887--99; The politics of survival; From intertribal to province-wide political action 1900--16; Cut-offs, claims prohibition and the Allied Tribes 1916--27; Coastal politics: the Native Brotherhood and Tribal Councils 1931--58; Interior politics and attempts at province-wide unity 1958--68; Federal Government initiatives 1960--9; The formation of the new organizations 1969--71; Big money and big organizations 1972--5; Tribalism re-established 1976--9; Forums and funding, protests and unity 1980--9; Aboriginal title in the courts; The Province and land claim negotiations 1976--89

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