Was It Something I Said?: The Answer to All Your Dating Dilemmas

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Internationally known and recognized dating coach McCann arms single girls with a strategic dating handbook that prepares them with the right answers to the most difficult dating scenarios. Her advice helps women choose the right words in order to defuse or redirect otherwise awkward situations.
Autor: Jess McCann
Jess McCann is an internationally known and recognized dating coach and author of the book, You Lost Him at Hello: A saleswoman's secrets to closing the deal with any guy you want. The book was published in ten countries including mainland China, Taiwan, India, and Indonesia.Jess began her coaching business in 2007. By the following year, she was receiving dozens of advice-seeking emails a day, and her client list was growing exponentially. Today her daily clientele consists of men and women ages 19-67 years old, residing in cities all over the world. She has over one hundred regular clients and has counseled hundreds of others. When not coaching, she continues to spread her message by guest speaking at women's rallies, college campuses, and lifestyle events. She also writes her own blog on jessmccann.com. In addition, she is a regular guest on ABC's "Let's Talk Live" in D.C., as well as asked to regularly weigh in on segments for ABC's local news. After her first book was released, Jess appeared on several national shows including, "Good Morning America", "The Fox Morning Show with Mike & Juliet", and "Extra". She has also appeared on local D.C. morning shows, and her book has been featured in the Washington Post, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Woman's Day, Essence, MSN, The Capitol File, and Washington Life Magazine. Before becoming a dating coach, Jess was a top producing sales person and owner of her own sales company. She received many awards and enjoyed continued success due to her strong ability to read people, build rapport, and handle objections. She parlayed her business acumen into her first book, teaching women how to use the same skills in the dating arena. In 2005, Jess was chosen as one of the countries top entrepreneurs and appeared on the reality show, The Rebel Billionaire with Richard Branson. She recently married in September of 2010, and attributes finding her husband to using and following her own dating advice.

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Autor: Jess McCann
ISBN-13 :: 9780762782093
ISBN: 0762782099
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.01.2013
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