President's Speech: The Stories Behind the Most Memorable Presidential Addresses

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PRESIDENTIAL SPEECHES TABLE OF CONTENTS George Washington - Farewell Address (including drafts by James Madison), 1796 Thomas Jefferson - First Inaugural Address, 1801 James Monroe - Seventh Address to the Congress on the State of the Union (containing his statement of the Monroe Doctrine) 1823 John Quincy Adams - (Post-Presidential) Supreme Court argument in defense of slaves accused of mutiny aboard the slave ship Amistad, 1841. Abraham Lincoln - First Inaugural Address (Including language proposed by William Seward), 1861. Abraham Lincoln - Second Inaugural Address, 1865. Theodore Roosevelt - The Man with the Muck Rake, 1906 Woodrow Wilson - War Message to Congress (The World Must be Made Safe for Democracy), 1917. Woodrow Wilson - The 14 Points (Plans for a post-war world, principally authored by the later-distinguished commentator Walter Lippmann), 1918. Calvin Coolidge -- The Press Under a Free Government (drafted by the first Presidential speechwriter, Judson Welliver), 1925. Franklin D. Roosevelt - First Inaugural Address, 1933. Franklin D. Roosevelt - The Four Freedoms, 1941. Franklin D. Roosevelt -- Address to Congress after bombing of Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. Harry S. Truman - The Truman Doctrine, Address to Congress 1947. Dwight D. Eisenhower - Farewell Address (Military-Industrial Complex Speech), 1961, John F. Kennedy - Inaugural Address (Ask Not...), 1960. John F. Kennedy -Rice University Address (We Choose to Go to the Moon), 1962. Lyndon B. Johnson - The American Promise, 1965. Richard Nixon - "Silent Majority" speech, 1969 Jimmy Carter - "Crisis of Confidence" speech, 1979. Ronald Reagan - Speech at the Brandenburg Gate (Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall), 1987. Ronald Reagan - 40th Anniversary of D-Day speech (The Boys of Pointe du Hoc), 1984. George H.W. Bush - Inaugural Speech (Thousand Points of Light), 1989. Bill Clinton - "I Have Sinned speech (handwritten by Clinton), 1998. George W. Bush - State of the Union speech, 2002 (Axis of Evil speech), 2002.
A readable analysis of 25 momentous presidential speeches that provides context and understanding of events and history, illustrated with facsimiles of supporting documents, notes, and drafts that together formed the final speech.
Autor: C. Edwin Vilade
C. Edwin Vilade is an author, speechwriter and communications consultant who has written for two US presidents, two vice presidents, numerous Cabinet officials, heads of multinational corporations and other public figures.

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Autor: C. Edwin Vilade
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