Post-Christian Feminisms: A Critical Approach

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Introduction, Lisa Isherwood and Kathleen McPhillips; Beyond reason: towards a post-Christian philosophy of religion, Beverley Clack; The 'post'-age of belief: wither or whither Christianity?, Pamela Sue Anderson; Ecofeminist thea/logies and ethics: a post-Christian movement?, Rosemary Radford Ruether; Material elements: the matter of women, the matter of Earth, the matter of God, Anne Elvey; Who's been reading MY Bible? Post-structuralist hermeneutics and sacred text, Jane Wootton; Post-Christian hermeneutics: the rise and fall of female subjectivity in theological narrative, J'an Jobling; The Bi/girl writings from feminist theology to queer theologies, Marcella Althaus -Reid; Our Lady of Perpetual Succour: mother of phallic fetishes, Lisa Isherwood; Feminist interjections and proposals for a post-Christian, post-patriarchal sacred, Kathleen Phillips; Melting hearts of stone, Mary Condren; A third way: explicating the post in post-Christian feminism, Frances Gray and Kathleen McPhillips; For post-Christian feminisms: a critical appraisal. Re-membering Jesus: a postcolonial feminist remembering, Satoko Yamaguchi; Jesus past the posts: an enquiry into post-metaphysical Christology, Lisa Isherwood; The return of the living dead, Elisabeth Stuart; Index.
Post-theory is an important discursive field which has revolutionized the production of knowledge in both feminism and theology. This book explores the impact and contribution of post-theories in the field of Christian feminist theology.
Autor: Lisa Isherwood
Editiert von: Kathleen McPhillips
Kathleen McPhillips is Senior Lecturer at the Humanities School, University of Western Sydney, Australia. Lisa Isherwood is Professor of Feminist Liberation Theologies and Director of Theology, University of Winchester, UK.

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Autor: Lisa Isherwood
ISBN-13 :: 9780754653806
ISBN: 0754653803
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.04.2008
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