Buddhism as Philosophy

Ashgate World Philosophies Series
An Introduction
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Buddhism as philosophy?; Early Buddhism: basic teachings; Non-self: empty persons; Buddhist ethics; A Nyya interlude; Abhidharma: the metaphysics of empty persons; The rise of Mahyna; Yogca: impressions-only and the denial of physical objects; Madhyamaka: the doctrine of emptiness; The school of Dinnga: Buddhist epistemology. Index.
Shows how the Buddhist tradition deals with the same sorts of problems that get treated in Western philosophy and employs the same sorts of methods. This book investigates the Buddhist tradition by way of the characteristically philosophical concern for finding out the truth about complicated matters in metaphysics, epistemology and ethics.
Autor: Mark Siderits
Mark Siderits is Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Illinois State University, USA.

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Autor: Mark Siderits
ISBN-13 :: 9780754653691
ISBN: 0754653692
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Verlag: Taylor & Francis Ltd
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