Female Monasticism in Early Modern Europe: An Interdisciplinary View

Catholic Christendom, 1300-170
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Introduction, Cordula van Wyhe; Femininity and Sanctity: Nuns, relics, and spiritual authority in post-Tridentine Italy, Helen Hills; Clara Hortulana of Embach or how to suffer martyrdom in the cloister, Ulrike Strasser; How to look like a (female) saint: the early iconography of St Teresa of Avila, Margit Thofner. Convent Theatre and Music-Making: Music and misgiving in female monasteries in early modern Spain, Colleen Baade; Traditions and priorities in Claudia Rusca's motet book, Robert Kendrick; The wise and foolish virgins in Italian convent theatre, Elissa Weaver. Spiritual Directorship: Soul mates: spiritual friendship and life-writing in early modern Spain (and beyond), Jodi Bilinkoff; Barbe Acarie and her spiritual daughters: women's spiritual authority in 17th-century France, Barbara Diefendorf; The Idea Vitae Teresianae (1686): The Teresian mystic life and its visual representation in the Low Countries, Cordula van Wyhe. Community and Conflict: 'Little angels': young girls in discalced Carmelite convents (1562-1582), Alison Weber; Securing souls or telling tales? The politics of cloistered spirituality, Claire Walker; Writing the 30 Years' War: convent histories by Maria Anna Junius and Elisabeth Herold, Charlotte Woodford; Bibliography; Index.
A collection of eleven interdisciplinary essays, which address the multifaceted nature of female religious identity in early modern Europe. It offers cross-cultural readings essential to a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of female spirituality in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
Editiert von: Cordula Van Wyhe
Dr Cordula van Wyhe, Department of History of Art, University of York, UK.

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