The Idol in the Age of Art: Objects, Devotions and the Early Modern World

St. Andrews Studies in Reforma
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Introduction, Michael Cole and Rebecca Zorach; Capricious arts: idols in Renaissance era Africa and Europe: the case of Sapi and Kongo, Suzanne Blier; Reforming idols and viewing history in Pieter Saenredam's perspectives, Celeste Brusati; Perpetual exorcism in Sistine Rome, Michael Cole; The golden calf in America, Thomas Cummins; The grotesque idol: imaginary, symbolic and real, Claire Farago and Carol Komadina Parenteau; The shadow of the wolf: the survival of an ancient god in Filippino Lippi's Strozzi chapel and the discourse of the idol in Florence around 1500, Philine Helas and Gerhard Wolf; Ex-votos: materiality, memory, and cult, Megan Holmes; Ad fontes: iconoclasm by water, Donald McColl; 'Nor my praise given to graven images': divine artifice and the heart's idols in Georg Mack the Elder's painted print of the Trinity, Walter S. Melion; Idolatry and Western-inspired painting in Japan, Mia Mochizuki; Creaturely-invented letters and dead Chinese idols, Dawn Odell; Full of grace: 'Mariolatry' in post-Reformation Germany, Larry Silver; Mediation, idolatry, mathematics: the printed image in Europe around 1500, Rebecca Zorach; Index.
The idol has traditionally been regarded as the anti-image, the thing in opposition to which 'good' art was defined. This volume shows how both its embrace and its consequences expanded in unprecedented ways in the years after 1500.
Autor: Rebecca Zorach
Editiert von: Michael W. Cole
Michael W. Cole is an Associate Professor in the Department of the Hiistory of Art at the University of Pennsylvannia, USA. Professor Rebecca E. Zorach is an Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Chicago, USA.

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Autor: Rebecca Zorach
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ISBN: 0754652904
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