Music in Welsh Culture Before 1650: A Study of the Principal Sources

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Introduction: The sources of Welsh music in context; Part I The Sources and Practice of Medieval Cerdd Dant: Cerdd Dant: the codification of a Welsh musical craft; Harp and crwth in early medieval Wales; The players of Cerdd Dant and their social code; Gathering the documentation of Cerdd Dant; Historical and theoretical sources; The Robert ap Huw manuscript and other Welsh tablature; Part II The Latin Liturgy, its Chant and Embellishment: Sources for the medieval Welsh liturgy: an overview; Early Welsh Clas institutions; The sources in the context of Anglo-Norman reform; Liturgical revision and the adoption of Sarum Use; Sources with chant I: the Penpont Antiphoner; Sources with chant II: the Bangor Pontifical; Late medieval evidence I: the institutions; Late medieval evidence II: musical practice; Part III Welsh Music in an English Milieu c. 1550 - 1650: Mirroring England: cultural imitation and infiltration: Domestic and popular music-making I: the context; Domestic and popular music-making II: the repertory; A Welsh translation of John Case's Apologia Musices; The post-Reformation church I: parish and people; The post-Reformation church II: cathedral and household chapel; Appendix; Bibliography; Index.
Provides the study of Welsh music before 1650 and draws on a wide range of sources in Welsh, Latin and English to illuminate early musical practice. This book challenges two assumptions: namely that music in Wales before 1650 is impoverished and elusive; and that the extant sources are too obscure to warrant serious study.
Autor: Sally Harper
Sally Harper is Senior Postgraduate Tutor at the School of Music, University of Wales Bangor, UK.

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Autor: Sally Harper
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