Differently Literate: Boys, Girls and the Schooling of Literacy

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Part 1 Considering gender and literacy research: the influence of gender on schooling; the teaching of reading and writing in school and its legacy. Part 2 The research evidence: a choice of narrative pleasures; how do they read?; reading beyond the pleasure principle; reading into writing. Part 3 Analysis and recommendations: making connections from fieldwork to practice.
Parents research into the differences in boys' and girls' experiences of the reading and writing curriculum at home and in school. The book is divided into three sections: an outline of the theoretical debates on gender difference and academic achievement; a description of the research into these issues conducted by the author; and an analysis of the author's findings. In discussing the outcome of her research, Millard highlights further areas for more detailed study and makes recommendations for the development of literacy policies.

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Autor: Elaine Millard
ISBN-13 :: 9780750706612
ISBN: 0750706619
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.03.1997
Gewicht: 349g
Seiten: 211
Sprache: Englisch
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