Education Into the 21st Century

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Part 1: Back to the future? Hopes frustrated or fulfilled? 1. Revisiting the Fin-de-Siecle: The threat of the educated woman Alison Mackinnon 2. 'Why are we standing still?' Reflections from history Inga Elgquist-Saltzman 3. Mapping Canadian women's teaching work: Challenging the stereotypes Alison Prentice Part 2: Feminist strategies for change 4. Education for change: Action research for increased gender equality Hildur Ve 5. Fear of 'disorder'? Resistance to and fear of female advantage Britt-Marie Berge 6. Dis/ease: Discourses in Australian health and physical education Robin Burns 7. Education: A site of desire and threat for Australian girls Victoria Foster 8. Who benefits from schooling? Equality issues in Britain Gaby Weiner with Madeleine Arnot and Miriam David 9. 'Us guys in suits are back': Women, educational work and the market economy in Canada Rebecca Coulter 10. Is it really worthwhile? Women chemists and physicians in Sweden Sylvia Benckert and Else-Marie Staberg 11. Women's education, career and family in China in an intergenerational perspective Grace Mak Part 3: Towards the 21st Century: Constructing and deconstructing girls as a category of concern Lyn Yates 13. On the (Im)possibility of being impertinent, feminist and feminine Kajsa Orhlander 14. Naming male advantage: A feminist theorist looks to the future Joan Eveline
The combined effort of 19 feminist educators and theorists from four continents, this exciting collection of essays is designed to be as wide-ranging intellectually as it is geographically. Probing the abilities (and dis-abilities) of women in education from the mid-19th century to the present, it brings historical analysis, classroom research, and theoretical reflection to bear on gender issues in schooling and higher education. 'What about the boys?' cry alarmists who fear a feminist takeover in schools. 'What about them indeed?', say students of women's education who wonder if it is now time to engage more explicitly and directly with the politics of male advantage in education, as well as in economic, political, social and cultural life.

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Autor: Inga Elgquist-Saltzman
ISBN-13 :: 9780750706575
ISBN: 0750706570
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.08.1998
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Sprache: Englisch
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