Children and Social Competnece

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Situating children's social competency, Ian Huchby and Jo Moran-Ellis. Part 1 Competence and family structures: children and the family order, Leena Alanen; runaway street-children in Nepal, Rachel Baker; protest-despair-detachment, Helen Barratt. Part 2 Context for discourse competence: children's neo-rhetorical participation in peer interactions, Robert Sanders and Kurt Freeman; social and cognitive competencies in learning, Hilary Gardner; children's participation in the discourse of children's television, Joanna Thornborrow. Part 3 Competence and institutional knowledge: restoring social order in the preschool classroom, Susan Danby and Carolyn Baker; difference and similarity, Pia Haudrup Christensen; being a child in care, Gerald de Montigny; the case of the silent child, David Silverman, Carolyn Baker and Jane Keogh.
A text which addresses the relationship between childhood, competence and the social arenas of action in which children live. The contributors develop a picture of children as competent, sophisticated social agents, focusing on the contexts which both enable and constrain that competence.

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Autor: Ian Hutchby
ISBN-13 :: 9780750706506
ISBN: 0750706503
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.01.1998
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Sprache: Englisch
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