Citizenship Education and the Modern State

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Introduction: citizenship education in review - past perspectives and future needs, Kerry Kennedy; frameworks for citizenship education. Education and state formation in Europe and Asia, Andy Green; the logic of protection - citizenship, justice and political community, Rob Gilbert; feminism and the construction of citizenship education, Victoria Foster; issues for citizenship in a postmodern world, Rob Gilbert; citizenship education in England, Ken Fogelman; values and citizenship education in Malaysia, Haris Md Jadi; civics and citizenship education in Hong Kong, Paul Morris; Phoenix Or Shooting Star? Citizenship Education In Australia, Murray Print; citizens for a "new world order" - a historical perspective of citizenship education in the United States, Sherry L. Field; citizenship education in Japan, Yasushi Mizoe.
Citizenship education has recently re-emerged as an important issue, both in policy and in practice. As the nation state undergoes rapid transformation at the end of the 20th century, both Eastern and Western states have focused attention on using the school curriculum as a medium for sustaining cohesion and unity within society. But, as we approach the 21st century, is the possibility of a common citizenship a reality?; This book is designed to provide educators with access to ideas and information that will help them to understand current citizenship- education initiatives across a number of countries. It provides a theoretical rationale in which to consider those issues; illustrates how such issues are being worked out in practice in a number of countries; and provides assistance for policy makers, teacher educators and teachers who are responsible for making decisions about the context of citizenship education programmes for schools.

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Autor: Kerry Kennedy
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