School Climate: Measuring, Improving and Sustaining Healthy Learning Environments

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1. Measuring, Improving and Sustaining Healthy Learning Environments H. Jerome Freiberg and Terry Stein 2. The Role of School and Classroom Climate in Elementary School Learning Environments Bert P.M. Creemers and Gerry J. Reezigt 3. Using Informal and Formal Measures to Create Classroom Profiles Charles Teddlie and James Meza Jr 4. Using Learning Environment Assessments to Improve Classroom and School Climates Barry Fraser 5. Organizational Health Profiles for High Schools Wayne K. Hoy and John A. Feldman 6. Organizational Climate and Teacher Professionalism: Identifying Teacher Work Environment Dimensions Sharon Conley and Donna Muncey 7. Perceptions of Parents and Community Members as a Measure of School Climate Kathryn Sanchez and Carla Stevens 8. The Teacher's Lounge and Its Role in Improving the Learning Environment in Schools Miriam Ben-Peretz, Shifra Schonmann and Haggai Kuppermintz 9. The Impact of Principal Change Facilitator Style on School and Classroom Culture Gene Hall and Archie George 10. The Phoenix Rises From Its Ashes ... Doesn't It? Sam Stringfield 11. Three Creative Ways to Measure School Climate and Next Steps H. Jerome Freiberg
Like a strong foundation in a house, the climate of a school is the foundation that supports the structures of teaching and learning. This book provides a framework for educators to look at school and classroom climates using both informal and formal measures. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of climate and details techniques which may be used by heads or classroom teachers to judge the health of their learning environment. The book sets out to enhance understanding of the components of a healthy learning environment and the tools needed to improve that environment. It also looks at ways to assess the impact of change activities in improving and sustaining educational excellence. The international team of contributors bring perspectives from the school systems in America, UK, Australia and Holland.

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Autor: H. Jerome Freiberg
ISBN-13 :: 9780750706421
ISBN: 0750706422
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.04.1999
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