Students as Researchers: Creating Classrooms That Matter

15, Critical Perspectives on Liter
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Part One: Theoretically Grounding Student Research 1. Students as Researchers: Critical Visions, Emancipatory Insights Joe L. Kincheloe and Shirley R. Steinberg 2. Reclaiming Wonder: Young Students as Researchers Kathleen S. Berry 3. Nurturing Critical Dispositions in the Classroom Patricia H. Hinchley 4. Interpretive Inquiry as a 'Formal' Research Process Julia Ellis Part Two: Pedagogy and Student Research 5. Writing and Passing Notes: Resistance, Identity and Pleasure in the Lives of Teenage Girls Sandra Spickard Prettyman 6. Mentoring Authorship in the Elementary School Classroom Through the Writing Process Nina Zaragoza 7. Negotiating Place: The Importance of Children's Realities Melissa A. Butler 8. Using Dramaturgy in Educational Research Ellen Swartz 9. Romancing the Curriculum with Student Research: Recreating Kent State Shirley R. Steinberg 10. Creating North Lana Krievis 11. Engaging Students as Researchers: Researching and Teaching Thanksgiving in the Elementary Classroom Leila Villaverde and Joe L. Kincheloe 12. Social Studies Teaching and Learning: A Descriptive Analysis of Concept Mapping Nancy Fitchman Dana 13. Getting Beyond the Limits in Social Studies: Reconceptualizing the Method Class Joe L. Kincheloe 14. Action Experiements: Are Students Learning Physical Science? Penny J. Gilmer and Paulette Alli 15. Exploring Critical Distance in Science Education: Students Researching the Implications of Technological Embeddedness J. Damian Kellogg Part Three: Conclusion 16. Making Meaning and Analysing Experience: Student Researchers as Transformative Agents Joe L. Kincheloe
This book focuses directly on student empowerment through meaningful research. It fills a significant gap in educational literature by making explicitly the relationship between teaching method, classroom practice, and the production of knowledge. Drawing on the best of theoretical innovations over the last decade, "Students as Researchers "places them in a living accessible context. With a sound basis in theory, the book is also extremely practical and accessible for students, giving scenarios and examples that can be used to reveal the workings and benefits of research.

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