Education for Leadership and Social Responsibility

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Part 1 Theoretical dimensions: introduction to inclusive leadership; learning about leadership from children; learning about leadership from the world of work; learning about leadership from artists. Part 2 Applications: planning and implementing an education for leadership and social responsibility; teachers as leaders/teaching for leadership; an integrated learning experience curriculum and co-curriculum; research, assessment and dissemination; building collaborative communities.
The editors of this text contend that there is a lack of leadership in existence for deciding global and national problems. Colleges and universities are generally expected to produce national, political, scientific and corporate leaders. Most institutions maintain that their graduates are leaders, yet few institutions explicitly address the isssue of leadership and social responsibility in a systematic and comprehensive way. Often academic approaches consist of unfocused courses of leadership, looking at leadership styles and managerial decision-making within a business context. Basing their work on research, the editors discuss what they consider to be an important programme for the development of leadership and social responsibility in schools and institutions of higher education.

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Autor: Gloria Morris Nemerowicz
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ISBN: 0750706082
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